What to Expect During Your Appointment

Prior to your Appointment

Once you schedule your appointment, you will receive an email or text from our practice to complete Phreesia forms online.

You will receive an automated reminder call 1-2 days prior to your appointment.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

Please bring the following items to your visit with us.

  • photo identification
  • insurance card
  • all current medications
  • referral paperwork (if applicable)
  • payment method
  • a list of questions or concerns for your provider

In the Waiting Room

Upon arriving, if you did not check-in on line before your appointment, you will be directed to the check-in kiosk or will be given a check in IPAD where you will scan your insurance card and picture ID, update your insurance and demographic information and pay your co-payment and/or balance.

You will receive contact information for your GKA team which is composed of your physician, your nurse, a billing contact and the office administrator.

If this is your first visit, please bring ALL of your medications with you so we can accurately record them in your chart. To assure continued accuracy, you will be asked to review and update your medication list at each visit.

If you are here for a scheduled lab appointment, you will be given a card with your appointment time and directed to our lab waiting area.

In the Exam Room

Your vital signs will be taken and you will visit with the physician.

After the Exam

If you require bloodwork, please place your blue routing sheet in the box provided on the wall outside the lab and have a seat in the lab waiting area. As soon as your lab orders are entered in the computer, you will be called back. Patients with scheduled lab appointments are taken at their appointment time and may be moved ahead of you in line.

After your blood is drawn, you will be directed to our check-out area where you will schedule any return appointments and tests or procedures.

After your appointment, you will receive a text or email survey about your visit. We appreciate any and all feedback.